Ordering & Shipping


Custom Ordering

Blusurf treats every custom board as a personal endeavor to ensure you enjoy the journey from our initial discussion through the design & build process and ultimately riding the end product.  Please review the following discussion points and when you're ready, give me a call.   I'll talk through your objectives and offer our input on the best shape and design.  A custom board optimized to be ridden behind a boat should perform without exception. 

Call Blusurf at 425.236.9006 to discuss the custom board process and answer all of your questions.


It's All About You

Prior to our initial call, please take some time to review the following and consider your answers as they will aid the design process:

How long have you been wake surfing?

What type of rider are you?
- Beginner: working on dropping the rope and learning to pump
- Intermediate: can lay down a sweet bottom turn and working on your ollie, small airs
- Advanced: charging down the line, launching big airs, spins
- Pro: sky is the limit, you go big and all your friends Instagram feeds speak to it

What is your rider stance?  
- Wide
- Heavy rear foot
- Duck foot
- Other

What type of boat do you typically ride behind?  
- Stock ballast
- Do you max it out?

What board(s) are your currently riding and what do you like/not like about them?


For the initial discussion, set aside 20-30 minutes to cover everything.  Together, we'll talk through the list above and then discuss board shapes, hull designs, rail types and fin configurations. 

The insights and answers gathered from the initial discussion will help me evaluate the best design characteristics and features.  With many years shaping custom boards to be ridden behind boats, I'm confident in my ability to produce a high-performing wake surf board tailored just for you.

In a follow-up call, I'll provide you with a complete quote including cost and schedule.  When you are ready to order your custom board, we will collect a deposit and then set off on building your new custom board.


All Blusurf boards include complimentary ground shipping within the United States.  If you have a need to receive your board via express shipping or live outside of the US please call us at 425.236.9006 and together we'll determine the best option to get you your new board.