How long will it take to get a custom board?

The typical Blusurf build lifecycle from build-to-ship is about 3 weeks. Time may vary based on the overall board design and complexity of artwork. Once we have locked on the design, I will be able to give you a firm schedule and have open communication throughout.

How much does a custom board cost?

There are multiple factors which drive the cost of your custom board, such as: artwork, radicalness of bottom contours and materials used. Typically, a custom board with unique graphics will run about $1,200 including shipping.

What does hand-crafted mean?

I touch every Blusurf board from design, shaping, glassing and finish sanding. To achieve the finest product, I leverage traditional shaping hand tools as well as modern CAD CNC programs where applicable. The CNC machine enables me to reduce shaping time for most designs, however, certain attributes require hand shaping to ensure the proper balance is achieved. With the CAD file, I can also make very precise and repeatable modifications should you desire future versions of your Blusurf board.

What are your design influences?

Nature and man-made elements. I am fixated on combining symmetrical arcs with technical lines. A boat wake is not an ocean wave, therefore, the rocker, rail line and bottom contours must be different. When I set out to design a board, I first envision the lines of the boat and the style of wake it produces. In the end, the goal is to produce a board which enhances your time on the water through performance and enjoyment.

Why are you concerned with ECO friendly materials?

As an avid outdoorsmen, I feel obligated to do my part in protecting our environment with as light of a foot print as possible. Great strides have been made in low VOC Bio-Based Resins and Recycled Foam products - the cleaner the build and lower the impact on nature I can make it the cleaner the water will be you ride in.

Will ECO friendly materials reduce the performance of my board?

No. Diligent testing is proving our builds to match and or exceed strength, flex and vibrancies of typical Poly/Epoxy based products.