Design Technology

We establish a unique rider profile tailored to you which guides us towards a unique combination of materials ranging from products such as S-Glass, Basalt Innegra, Carbon and Kevlar fiber to achieve the design goals of a lively, predictable and durable product.  Blusurf uses the finest Eco conscious materials available, all boards begin with the base platform of an EPS Core consisting of 30-40% recycled foam and Entropy’s BIO based Super SAP Epoxy Resin system for strength and durability.

Benefit of Custom

What’s the big difference?  Fit, performance and quality, only the three most important things.  Mass produced boards have their place, however, they pale in comparison to feel.  The feeling of riding a Blusurf board built for you versus a best-fit-range-of-demographic yields smiles and pride in ownership.  Jonathan shapes and glasses each Blusurf board with his own hands, that is why his signature is on every Blusurf board – with a custom Blusurf board you have the opportunity of owning performance art.

Custom Look

Every Blusurf board we design and build can have a unique look that fits the style and personality of its owner – we are able to create contemporary designs that reflect your interests and your ideas.  Blusurf’s board designs are bold and fresh departing from the expected using established design principles and trends.  Custom look means your design can match your boat or incorporate the brand logos from your sponsors or business.  Your artwork, whether a pencil sketch or complete painting can become the artwork for your board.



Let's build the perfect board together!  When you're ready, call Blusurf at 425.236.9006 to discuss the custom board process and begin spec'ing your new board.  For more information on custom ordering, see the Ordering & Shipping information page.