Blusurf boards are crafted from the finest eco-friendly materials and assembled with relentless attention to detail. Every board is hand-made to the most exacting standards offering an unparalleled user experience and pride in ownership.

Purpose Built

Just like the fit of a finely tailored suit or evening gown, a custom board designed to your specifications is the ultimate experience while gliding on the water.  Jonathan aspires to make the custom board build journey extremely enjoyable and gain your trust and confidence in the final product it will yield.  Learning of your experience, goals and objectives is as much of the design process as understanding your physical attributes.  Whether your vision is to enhance the graphics of a stock Blusurf model, or produce an entirely one-off board built specifically to your needs Jonathan looks forward to designing you the performance you deserve.

Why Custom

What’s the big difference? Fit, performance, and quality, only the three most important things. Mass produced boards have their place, however, they pale in comparison to feel.  The feeling of riding a board built for you versus a best-fit-range-of-demographic yields smiles and pride in ownership.  Jonathan shapes and glasses each Blusurf board with his own hands, that is why his signature is on every Blusurf board - with a custom Blusurf board you have the opportunity of owning performance art.




Blusurf Light

Glassed with 4oz S Glass deck and hull - ultimate liveliness and lightest weight (not warrantied).


Blusurf Comp

Glassed with 4oz S + 6oz S deck and hull - superb weight-to-flex ratio and what Blusurf Pros ride.


Blusurf Dura

Glassed with 4oz S + 6oz E hull, Double 6oz Deck -  great durability and a consistent surf flex feel.




BIO Based Resin

Blusurf is proud to utilize Entropy Resins

Bio-Based SAP CLR which is a USDA

certified bio-based product for lamination

and hot coating.  Product of the USA.


BIO Based Blanks

At the core of all Blusurf boards is the

Arctic Foam 100% Algae based blank -

incredibly lively and light weight.

Product of the USA.



Let's build the perfect board together!  When you're ready, call Blusurf at 425.236.9006 to discuss the custom board process and begin spec'ing your new board.  For more information on custom ordering, see the Ordering & Shipping information page.